A limited number of fixed orienteering courses  are available on Te Mata Park while the tree felling and planting program is in progress.

The club has free permanent orienteering courses available to the public. You can choose to explore any course at your own risk. If you have a mobile phone with camera you can use the iOrienteering App to time your run by scanning the QR codes at the control points.

To use a Park-O course.

To use the iOrienteering app to time your run.

  • Download and install the free iOrienteering app from your phones App Store.
  • Start the iOrienteering app and follow the onscreen instructions
    • Scan the course details QR code on page 2 of the course map
    • When you are at the start point scan the Start QR code
    • Follow the course on the map, scanning the QR code at each control point
    • When you reach the end of the course scan the End QR code
  • Help and Suggestions for scanning the QR codes is [here] (Updated 5 April 2018)

Maps & Courses

  • The maps are drawn using orienteering colours and symbols. Study the map legends taking special note of the more dangerous (impassable, uncrossable) features on the map.
  • The 'North' lines on the maps point to Magnetic north.
  • Shortened map legends are included with each maps instructions or you can download [Sprint map legend] and [Std. map legend] full legends.
  • 'Line' courses  - follow a set course, visiting control points in the order listed on the map. Determine your own best route from the map. The line shows the direction to the next control point, not the route you should take. Do not follow the line between the control points.
  • 'Score' courses - visit the control points in any order, earning points, within a time limit.

SLEEPING GIANT MAPS. (Updated: 29 Oct 2018)

  • Maps of the lower half of Te Mata Park, Havelock North.
  • 'M' courses start and finish at the Main Gates car park on Te Mata Peak Rd.
  • 'T' courses start and finish at the park boundary on the track in from the Tauroa Rd. car park.
  • Even numbered courses are the reverse of odd numbered courses.
  • Course lengths on these maps are the estimated lengths of the 'best' route.

Line Courses

We recommend the Edge browser to view these maps. Edge is fast and accurate, Chrome is agonizingly slow and Firefox doesn't show the purple stripped area correctly. However if you save the pdf from any browser and use a pdf viewer the stripped area invariably is shown correctly.